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BJC Progress West Medical Group *

Nancy Nafe, was the project landscape architect for BJC Progress West Medical Center. She was responsible for the campus master plan, landscape plan, and many innovative details. From the on set of the project Nancy and the team of architects, civil engineers and interior designers all set environmental stewardship as the bench mark of success for this project. Nancy and the other LEED accredited professionals naturally turned to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards to guide them in making design decisions and selecting materials & systems for this project. Plant materials were selected not only for their beauty but for their low maintenance and drought tolerance,

Elements of the design which reflect environmental sensitivity include permeable paving, a reconstructed prairie, a constructed wetland, bioswales in the parking lot, LED lighting, a "tree farm" intended to furnish memorial trees for the campus, a walking trail, green screens, and native plantings.

*plans completed while employed by another firm

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